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Alia Bhatt launches the teaser of her mom Soni Razdan’s ‘No Fathers In Kashmir’

Image Source - Instagram

Alia Bhatt‘s mother Soni Razdan starrer ‘No Fathers in Kashmir’ is finally due to release on April 5. The release date was announced yesterday and Soni’s daughter, the very talented Alia Bhatt has launched the film’s teaser on her social media on the occasion of her birthday.

Alia Bhatt took to her twitter account last night where she announced that today, she would be launching the teaser on her social media.

Alia has been supportive of her mother’s film right from the beginning and had earlier tweeted in support of the film.

The teaser of the film is now out and it shows the story of Noor, a British Indian who comes back to Kashmir to trace her missing father. She befriends Majid who helps her to set out in a hunt to find her father. They form an innocent love story which is then challenged when they find themselves scrapping a dark secret in the hills leading to their arrest.

With a tagline that says “Everyone thinks they know Kashmir”, the film tries to show the realities of the locals of Kashmiris and their real stories. The film ‘No Fathers In Kashmir’ is directed by Oscar-nominated director Ashvin Kumar who has also previously won two National Awards.

Watch the teaser of ‘No Fathers In Kashmir’ here:

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