Shahrukh Khan at Digital Direct Broadcast launch

Shahrukh Khan recently addressed Media in the DDB ( Digital Direct Broadcast ) event held in Mumbai recently.

“Coming from the film industry, the work we do is showed over two types of screens cinemas and TV. Now, cinemas have evolved tremendously over time, with digitalisation and 3D and so many options for the viewers to enjoy our films the way they were meant to be.” Shahrukh said.


Director of Videocon says, “We believe that this revolutionary technology in the Indian ecosphere will transform the way consumers view their television. Providing a set-top box less platform to the Indian consumers and enlivening them with true-to-life audio and video capabilities separates this iconic technology from other players in the market.

Bringing in a revolutionary digital experience to the consumers, this technological platform shall offer a world-class technology to the Indian television market and bring at par to international standards. Videocon is glad to be chosen to partner with DDB.”

Amazing Technologies !! India Progressing day by day !! Super