Kangna Ranaut: Nobody will marry me after watching ‘Revolver Rani’

Actress Kangna Ranaut, who will be seen in a bold performance in “Revolver Rani”, says nobody will marry her after watching this film.

“Nobody is going to marry me after watching this film… I can give it to you in writing,” Kangna told reporters during the press conference for the film.

The actress, whose recent performance in “Queen “, says she wanted four months gap between the release of “Queen” and “Revolver Rani”.

“If I could have my way, then I would like to give a gap for four months between both the films. We were not expecting that ‘Queen’ will be running even now. People have accepted my performance in ‘Queen’ and I personally like my character in the film. I hope when people go to watch ‘Revolver Rani’, they accept me in the same way.”

“‘Revolver Rani’ is an unusual film… the treatment, the concept, everything is different,” she added.

Directed by Sai Kabir, “Revolver Rani” features Kangna in the lead.

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