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OMG – KRK apologises to Kapil Sharma

Twitters controversial celebrity Kamaal Rashid Khan aka KRK seems to have realised his mistake . He had been bad mouthing people on Twitter since a long time now. But has come to his senses that bad mouthing people on social media wouldn’t help him any which way. And hence the controversial man was found extending an olive branch to Kapil Sharma Tuesday morning via Twitter.

KRK and Kapil Sharma had a war of words on Twitter. The altercation through tweets turned so fierce that Kapil found himself in an embarrassing position. Kapil Sharma is known for his wit, he lost his cool and ended up using abusive words.

KRK on the other hand has had the reputation of being an annoying celebrity on Twitter, it is truly surprising that such a man was apologising to Kapil for the argument that was uncalled for.

Here’s what KRK tweeted:

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