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OMG – Priyanka Chopra goes 16 hours without food

Bollywood’s versatile actress Priyanka Chopra busy wrapping up the shoot of her upcoming biopic ‘Mary Kom’, went sixteen hours at a stretch without food. The actress and the unit shot for continuous 16 hours in Dharamsala without break for lunch, tea or even dinner to complete the schedule of the film on time.



As per sources, Priyanka has been shooting constantly for Mary Kom for the last couple of weeks. First they shot in Manali and later shifted to the interiors of Himachal Pradesh near Dharamsala. On Sunday, in the freezing cold, as Priyanka and the unit started shooting, suddenly it started raining. In the heavy rains the unit didn’t know what to do. It’s a tightly packed schedule with police and local administrative permissions in place and they can’t afford to waste even a minute. Wasting an hour meant a scene to be shot the next day.”

Sources further added that, Omung Kumar decided to continuously shoot through the 12-hour shift from 9 am to 9 pm. “When this was conveyed to the actress, she told everyone that even she wouldn’t take a break as that was the least she could do. Breaks for lunch, tea and dinner take an hour and if the unit couldn’t eat, neither would she!

The shocked unit tried to dissuade the actress from doing so as she would fall unwell being unused to such hardships but PC was adamant. She told them as she was on a rigorous diet because of her boxing training she was very fit. She only drank juices in between shots and not only completed her shift but ate only around 1 am, after she reached her hotel which is three hours away from the location.”

Well this is known as a dedicated but caring star. No wonder PeeCee has a long line of fans who are devoted to her.


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