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OMG – Salman Khan Boycotted by Photographers

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan had a fracas with the media. This happened at a promotional event last Friday. Now the media has decided to impose a ban on the star. The reason being that the press was allegedly roughed up by Salman’s personal bodyguards and the venue’s security personnel.

According to sources, the skirmish between Salman Khan and media reportedly started after the photographers requested him to pose at a particular spot and the star refused. The resulting clash began at 10.30 pm and continued till 11 pm. The irked media personnel have demanded, “Salman Khan needs to apologize to us or else we will not photograph him. The blackout will continue till July 25 when his film ‘Kick‘ hits theaters. We will not click him even if we see him cycling at Bandstand. Our union will take up the issue at a meeting on Monday.”

Sources further added that, Salman’s statement, “Those who want to cover the event are welcome to stay, the rest can leave if they wish,” further aggravated the media personnel.

Sajid Nadiadwala said, “The photographers are getting more aggressive and unreasonable by the day. They refuse to follow instructions. Salman does not need to apologise as it was not his mistake, he did not touch anybody.”

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Salman Khan’s father Salim Khan said, “I don’t know what transpired at the event but yes, cameramen do get very close at events. At Baba Siddiqui’s Iftar, we were almost hit in our faces by cameras.”

A few days back the media had banned Shraddha Kapoor and she had to clear up the matters with the journalists to appease them. Will Salman Khan applogize?

He is the footage of what exactly happened at the event:

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