OMG – Sampat Pal files a case against makers of ‘Gulaab Gang’

‘Gulaab Gang’ is gearing up for release on March 7, it is being said that the film is based on Sampat Pal’s life, which has already been captured in the documentary, ‘Gulabi Gang’. However, Soumik Sen, director of ‘Gulaab Gang’, denies this. “The film is not inspired from any real-life story as it is a work of fiction. So the question of giving credit to anyone doesn’t arise,” he says.


As per sources, on the other hand Sampat Pal the leader of Gulabi Gang, who has already filed a case against the makers of ‘Gulaab Gang’ in the Delhi High Court said, “How can the makers say that their film is a work of fiction? It’s our story and Madhuri Dixit is playing me in the film. If it is not my story, I want to ask them which other women’s gang do they know of in the country? Why don’t they just accept that their film takes inspiration from my life and take my permission to show it? I would have no issues with them then.”

But Sohum Shah, who is releasing a documentary on the ‘Gulabi Gang’, says that no comparisons should be drawn between the two. “Gulabi Gang’s release date was decided by PVR; we did not choose this date. Besides, one is a documentary and the other is a work of fiction.”

Well do you think that Sampat Pal should be given credit?