‘Padmaavat’ falls prey to piracy; gets live streamed on Facebook

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Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s magnum opus, ‘Padmaavat’ is having a rocky and bumpy ride ever since the release of its trailer. Be it slamming the makers with regards to the song ‘Ghoomar’ to having objections over Queen Padmini’s portrayal in the flick, Rajput Karni Sena have left no stone unturned to demand a ban on the film.

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But then after landing in a legal soup and not releasing on the date it had too, the historic drama got a green signal from the CBFC board with minor modifications. Even the apex court gave a thumbs up to the film’s release. And then finally the movie saw the light of the day on 25th January, 2018.

Image Source - Twitter

And then if you thought that after the Karni Sena hoopla things turned out in favour of the film, nah, as we think it’s getting worse. So it happened that a Facebook page namely ‘Jaaton Ka Adda’ ringed in piracy and LIVE streamed the historic drama on the day of its release. But then the video was soon taken down. However, the admin promised that it’ll be back again. BAD, isn’t it? (Also Read:Padmaavat: Ranbir may be an ex, but his parents are all praises for Deepika Padukone)

Have a look at the evidence below for your reference:

Lastly, it is really a sad thing that in India we are still struggling to make few people understand few basic rules on piracy, freedom of speech and what not. Where there are larger issues to deal with. How can one live stream a artistic film? That’s downright stupid and demeaning.

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