Payal Rohatgi opens up about her terrifying and nightmarish experience inside jail

Image Source - Instagram

Payal Rohatgi was arrested by the Rajasthan Police for her objectionable comments on the Nehru-Gandhi family. The news was shared by Payal herself on her Twitter handle. Her bail plea was earlier rejected but now she has been granted bail by a local court in Rajasthan.

As reported by Bollywood Hungama, Payal spoke about her experience in jail. She said, “I’m still numb with disbelief. How can this happen? What did I do? I am just so so relieved to be out of that ordeal. I was whisked away by the Rajasthan police from Ahmedabad as soon as they realized I had applied for bail”.

“They first put me in a filthy cell in the police station, then took me to jail where I was locked up with five hardcore criminals. It was a nightmare. We had to sleep on the cold floor. That’s where one sleeps in jail. I wouldn’t have been able to survive one more night in that jail,” added Payal.

She thanked her husband and lawyer who helped to get her out. Also, she thanked the media and who supported her. Payal said that it will take time for her to get over what she has gone through.

The case was filed by Congress worker Charmesh Sharma. Payal was booked under section 504, 505(2) of the IPC. As reported by PTI, public prosecutor Yogesh Yadav told that Payal was released on Tuesday (December 17) on two bail bonds of Rs 25,000 each.

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