Poonam Pandey suffered a brain hemorrhage after being beaten by husband Sam Bombay; actress calls it half murder

Image Source - Instagram

Poonam Pandey, who married her longtime boyfriend Sam Bombay on September 1, has left everyone stunned as she filed an FIR against her husband in Canacona, Goa. This was just within 12 days of her marriage. The complaint was against Sam for molesting, threatening and assaulting her. In an interview with SpotbotyeE, Poonam called it a half murder and said that she suffered a brain haemorrhage after being beaten up.

When asked about the incident, Poonam said that her husband beat her very badly. Poonam also revealed that she did not file a police complaint against her husband but it was the hotel where they were staying who called the cops after hearing the noises. The police decided to take legal action, she said, “They came in and saw everything that was happening there inside. My face was swollen. I had marks on my body and they could see everything. They decided to take the action and of course I was very much angry because it was happening with me continuously and in that anger I took that legal action against him.”

Poonam also revealed that Bombay is making money off of her by selling her videos and yet she is accused of being with him for money. But, Poonam made a shocking revelation that she will take the complaint back as Sam has apologised for his doings, “I have to take that complaint back. Because he is just crying in front of me and I really don’t know what to do? Every time he just beat me up and later starts crying saying sorry. This time also he did the same and promised it will not happen again and I will treat you good.”

Poonam revealed that she suffered a brain haemorrhage because of him, “Because of him I got a brain haemorrhage. I got beaten up very badly this time, it was a half murder. I don’t know for how many days I was in the hospital. I think it was last week and I got discharged from the hospital, two days back.” Poonam is still skeptical about ending the marriage.

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