EXCLUSIVE: Priyamani reveals how she went on a complete crash diet to be part of Mani Ratnam’s Raavan; watch video

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Priyamani is one of the most versatile actors in the industry. She can pull off any role with much ease and always leaves her fans stunned with her performance. Priyamani was widely applauded for her performance in the Mani Ratnam directorial Raavan. The actress put up a stellar act in the Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai starrer. But did you know that Priyamani went on a crash diet for Raavan. She lived on boiled food and scrambled eggs for quite some time throughout the shoot. In an exclusive conversation with us, Priyamani revealed the craziest diet that she ever tried.

The Family Man actress told Bollywood Bubble, “I think when I was just about to shoot for Mani sir’s Raavan. I went on this crash diet. I did it myself, my mom was also part of it as an in-house dietician. So I just used to have boiled vegetables or just scrambled eggs with vegetables. So I just had that for like so many days when I was like shooting for another film and that just got me down to so much. But not to a great extent, I wouldn’t say I had a bikini body and all that. I think that was the only time I went on a crash diet and I followed it throughout.”


Further, when we asked her what preparations does she do for special events or shoots on the diet front, Priyamani said, “Not really, but I just tell them to make it very healthy. In case I am shooting for my reality show and things like that because generally, we shoot throughout the night. There also I have dinner early so I generally ask my assistant to get some brown rice for me and some dal or I order something from outside which is healthy again. If I am asking the production to make it, will ask them to make it with very less oil or olive oil maybe.”

Check out the full conversation below:

Priyamani was last seen in The Family Man 2. She plays Suchitra Iyer who is the wife of Manoj Bajpayee‘s much-loved character Srikant Tiwari. Priyamani was loved by the fans for her character in The Family Man 2.

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