Want a hot bod like Priyamani from The Family Man 2? Here’s all you need to do!

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Priyamani delivered a stellar performance as Suchi in the much-loved series The Family Man 2. While discussing the success of the web show, we also asked her some interesting questions on her diet chart, cheat meals, her workout regime and all. 

While most of you might think that Priyamani is one of those blessed souls who can get away by eating anything. But that’s not the case. “No, I am not, my problem is when I look a food I put on weight so I have to actually be very careful with what I eat. I wish I was the blessed one but I am not,” she admits.

Revealing her morning rituals, Priyamani said, “Now I am at my home in Bangalore with my parents. So my mom gives me this Kadha in the morning which is very good for your digestion. Then I have three pieces of dried amla and some dry fruits or some nuts in the morning. Generally for breakfast, like three days a week, I have muesli with dry fruit. We all are very health-conscious. So sometimes its Dosa, idli or upma.” For lunch, the actress prefers proteins in the form of roti, dal and salads. Khichdi, brown rice with curry are the other things the actress loves to have for lunch.

Priyamani prefers to have her dinner before 7. Her dinner generally comprises healthy south Indian dishes like parotha, dosa or Rava dosa. “Just before going to bed, I have cinnamon water,” shared The Family Man actress.

In this fun video, Priyamani reveals everything she eats in a day and the secret to her fantastic body.

When it comes to workouts, Priyamani prefers the evening time and does it six days a week. She mostly does cardio and is planning to start with weights in near future.

Instead of any post-workout meal, Priyamani opts to have her dinner. “There is no in-between meal for me. I don’t have protein shakes or things like that,” she said. Even while shooting, the actress prefers to stick to her eating habits especially food cooked in very little oil. And cheating once a week is fine in her rule book. “If I had to have a cheat meal, I probably would have a burger with no mayonnaise because that makes me sick.” Both Priyamani and her husband Mustafa Raj are very health conscious so even on their holidays they make sure to keep it healthy.

“So this is all that I eat in a day. If you guys want to follow it, you can. But I won’t say it will help you drastically reduce or become size zero. But I will definitely recommend it. So I hope it’s worth some information to you guys,” she signs off. So if you guys are aspiring to have a hot-bod like Priyamani, now you know what to do.

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