Priyanka Chopra: Was unsure if global audience would accept an Indian actor

Priyanka Chopra‘s Hollywood debut ‘Baywatch’ is soon to hit the screens. Not that Bollywood actresses did not work in West before. But Priyanka is probably the first one to make her presence felt so strongly both on Western television and films. Her American TV series ‘Quantico’ became a rage. That was what opened her the door for larger fame.

However, PeeCee’s journey wasn’t easy. There was a time when she was quite skeptical about her international stints.

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“My worry (in the US), as an Indian actress, was whether the global Entertainment industry was ready to see an Indian actor in the lead, as we haven’t seen one before – be it in television or films. I was worried about it as it had not happened with any Indian actress,” Priyanka said.

“My worry was ‘Will I be good enough?’ But I had such a wonderful reception. I have got so much love and affection. The only thing to do now is keep evolving. I only think about how I can grow more and what more can I do,” she added.

Hard work can go miles and she has shown it. You go, Priyanka!

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