Rahul Roy’s director friend Nitin Kumar Gupta shares his health update; appeals people to help him financially

Image Source - Instagram

Actor Rahul Roy recently suffered a brain stroke while he was shooting for his upcoming project ‘LAC – Live the Battle’ in Kargil. He is currently admitted at the Nanavati hospital in Mumbai. Director Nitin Kumar Gupta, who is still in Kargil, has informed Mumbai Mirror that the actor may require a stent to prevent strokes in the future.

Reportedly, Nitin is bearing Rahul’s medical expenses. He said that if anyone wants to help the actor in his treatment, they can help him and Rahul will compensate them once he recovers.

Nitin told Mumbai Mirror, “I’ve been in constant touch with his medical staff and his twin Rohit. The latter, who lives in Canada, told me on Thursday morning that Rahul’s physiotherapy and speech therapy is going well. Rohit spoke to Rahul for half a minute and informed that Rahul is conscious and speaking a few sentences. Thanks to everyone’s prayers, he is doing better every day.”

Nitin further said, “I’ve had discussions with his doctors who have said a stent may be required in the middle cerebral artery to prevent cerebrovascular events in the future. It’s a preventive measure and may prove expensive. Once I return, I will speak with the doctors again regarding costs. I can handle the expenses for now, but if anyone wants to help in any way it will just make it easier for me to help him. I am sure once Rahul recovers, they will be compensated.”

We wish for the speedy recovery of the actor.

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