Railway Vendor to withdraw the case filed against Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan-starrer ‘Raees’ easily earned moolah at the box office, but off-screen, it did suffer a challenging time. From the lead actress Mahira Khan not being able to come to India to promote the film to ‘Raees’ getting banned in Pakistan, it was quite a roller-coaster ride for the team. Latest trouble that the film got entangled in was a case against Shah Rukh Khan blaming him for damaging public property.

Now we are aware of the #RaeesByRail technique used by the makers to promote the film. Shah Rukh Khan travelled by train from Mumbai to Delhi and in between promoted the film by interacting with the fans at various stations. However, soon the mob at a station turned uncontrollable, with people desperately running to catch a glimpse of the superstar, because of which, the stalls and gates at the station, that fall under the category of ‘public property’, did get damaged.

A juice vendor at Kota station named Vikram Singh then filed a case against Shah Rukh Khan for causing a damage to his stall and other things at the station. But now, the reports state that Vikram Singh wants to take back the case.

Stating that he is poor and does not want to get involved into any dispute, Vikram Singh stated, “I have sent an application and said that I do not want any action in the case.”

The case has reached the Government Railway Police (GRP) for investigation. (ALSO READ: Shah Rukh Khan: Salman and I were feeling ashamed of whatever was published about us)