Akshay Kumar and Rapper Crazy King pictures

Bharat Goswami, aka Crazy King, is a huge fan of Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar and has composed a special number for him titled the “Akshay Kumar Anthem”.

“I can’t wait to meet Akshay Kumar. I’ve created a special number for him which isn’t exactly a song but a narration of Akshay Kumar’s story. This is just a small dedication to this massive star,” Crazy King told IANS.

He has attempted to pour out his feelings for Akshay with this song.


“Irrespective of his superstardom, he possesses such a good heart. Every second boy or girl gets excited and charged up if they can ever meet him or just catch a glimpse of him,” he said.

“Akshay began his struggle as a waiter in a hotel in Bangkok. To the entire clan of strugglers, he is an enormous inspiration. I’m merely following his footsteps. And I personally am extremely inspired by him. He is an idol for innumerable people,” he added.

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