Sajid Khan: “Will need Rs.300 crore to make film on Rajinikanth”

Director Sajid Khan says that to make a film on superstar Rajinikanth will be difficult and that he will require about Rs.300 crore for the same.

“We can’t make it (film). But if we want to make it, why not? All should think ambitiously… To make a film on him, you’ll require a budget of about Rs.300 crore to Rs.400 crore,” said Sajid.

“It’d be very difficult if we sit and make a proper film with him. Hats off to directors like Shankar for presenting him in movies like ‘Robot‘ and ‘Sivaji: The Boss’,” he added.

The “Heyy Babyy” director feels that one needs to make it very carefully because he has many fans.

“He has to be portrayed absolutely correct. It is very rare that the actor is above the film, and Rajinikanth is that example. You’re not going to watch the film, but to watch him, and the film will just revolve around him,” said Sajid, who calls himself one of the biggest fans of the superstar.

Inputs by IANS