Salman Khan

Superstar Salman Khan recently launched an online campaign to free Sarabjit Singh.This was to appeal for the release of the man defining himself as an Indian farmer, who has been languishing in jail for more than two decades now.

Salman is continue appealing the media to support in this cause. He has taken to social networking sites  including Twitter where he has been incessantly tweeting for Sarabjit since June 28 — took his concern a step further by recently meeting Sarabjit’s mother and sister. But while, the issue has attracted the attention of netizens, including many B-Towners, who are lending their support to the star and the cause, there’s a small segment of detractors who are already questioning Salman’s motive.


“Ek Tha Tiger is already creating a buzz, why would Salman draw negative attention by coming under scanner?” quips trade analyst Taran Adarsh, adding, “Salman has always supported noble causes. He has never resorted to such gimmicks, yet his films have done so well. So, I think it would be ridiculous to associate his efforts as seeking publicity.” An industry insider on the other hand doesn’t deny that maybe the role that Salman’s playing somewhere made him empathise with Sarabjeet, but he refuses to believe that it could be a publicity stunt. “It’s an extremely cynical view to say that he tweeted about Sarabjeet to publicise his film. Which Indian wouldn’t want Sarabjeet back? We have started seeing too much into movie publicity and every act is seen as a ploy to publicise a film. But it’s ridiculous to question every move they make in a noble direction.”

Salman Khan Whole Country is With You !!