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Shahid Kapoor’s hilarious response on chasing the maid scene from ‘Kabir Singh’

Image Source - Instagram

Shahid Kapoor is making a lot of news ever since ‘Kabir Singh’s trailer was released. One of the most popular scenes from the trailer was the part where Shahid starts running behind a house help who has broken a glass unknowingly. The clipping was used again and again in memes and people simply were loving it. When Shahid was asked about the scene, he had a hilarious response to the same.

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It all happened at ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’. As reported by Mumbai Mirror, Kapil asked Shahid if he ever lost his cool on the domestic help. Shahid opened up saying that ever since he got hitched to Mira Rajput, she has brought in several house helps. And quite unlike ‘Kabir Singh’, if he broke a glass, he would apologise and offer to clean up.

Quite a nice gesture from the superstar, we must say!

While Shahid is quite a sweetheart in real life, he is quite the opposite in ‘Kabir Singh’. His character required him to channel a dark side of his psyche. He plays an alcoholic and chain smoker in the movie – something which is quite far away from his real life.

In one of the interviews recently, Shahid had also said that he used to take 2-hour long showers after shooting before he headed home to his family. The reason for the same was he wanted to cleanse himself of the stench of the cigarettes and alcohol before he met his kids.

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