WHAT! Shahid Kapoor doesn’t want Misha to be an actress?

We already told you how Shahid Kapoor doesn’t want to be all hyper and over-protective when it comes to his daughter, but being a father, he is very much concerned about his daughter, Misha and also thinks about her future.

In a recent episode of ‘Vogue BFFs’, the actor spoke about how his life has changed after her arrival. His designer friend Kunal Rawal who shared the couch with him revealed that he has become protective about the kid. This is when the host asked Shahid as to what will he do if one day Misha walks in and says ‘Dad I want to become an actor’?

Being a normal dad, Shahid said he will be petrified. “It’s a tough job. I will be scared if she comes and tells me that, ” said the ‘Udta Punjab’ actor.

So does that mean Shahid does not want her to be an actress at all? Well, time will tell.

Kunal also revealed how Shahid’s house has now become a nest where he stays very happily with his family.

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Also speaking of the advice that Pankaj Kapoor gave him when Misha was born, the actor said, “Actually more than a piece of advice: what my dad told me was that ‘Now, you will know all the complaints that I have always had against you’. Because the one thing my dad keeps telling me is that I don’t call him enough. And I pretty much call him almost every day! But he still always complains about the fact that ‘we don’t connect enough, we don’t spend time enough’ and finally when obviously Misha happened, he told me, ‘Now you will know what it’s like when you miss your child’.”

Awww. Isn’t that sweet?

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