Shahrukh Khan – Open to work with Salman Khan

The two ruling superstars of Bollywood Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan, who have not been able to see eye to eye for a long time now had made up by sharing a hug. Shahrukh Khan on his hand has always maintained that there are no ego hassles between the two of them and he doesn’t mind sharing screen space with Salman Khan.

According to sources, Shahrukh Khan on being asked if the two of them will ever be seen together in a movie replied, “The producers and directors should come up with a good script ….Inshallah if there is a chance we will work together. If it happens good, and if it doesn’t, then also it is ok. We don’t haveanything against each other. It is just that hamare raaste alag hai! We have no ego issues between us. We both respect each other and our families.”

Shahrukh Khan had a fallout with Salman at Katrina Kaif‘s party and the two have avoided each other since then. But at a recent Iftar party the two had hugged and called a truce.