Shocker – Americans to see ‘Bullet Raja’ before Indians

Saif Ali Khan‘s action dhamaka ‘Bullet Raja’, is to create history by being one of the very few Bollywood movies to release in United States a day before it opens up in Indian Theaters. As per the promoters of the movie, they are doing this to get maximum commercial benefit.

According to sources, promoters in United States want to encash on the Thanksgiving Day that is on November 28. As per a publicist, “I can’t say it’s the first as there may have been one or two in the past. But it is definitely extremely rare for a Bollywood film to release in the US before India. Thanksgiving Thursday November 28 is a Holiday in the US, therefore it is opening on that date here in America.”

Lets see if this step will help the movie in raking in dollars at Box-Office.