Sonu Nigam pens a heartfelt tribute to Wajid Khan; shares emotional video talking of his death

Image Source - Instagram

The news of Wajid Khan‘s death was another blow to the film industry after the demise of two talented actors –Rishi Kapoor and Irrfan Khan. Wajid, of the iconic music composer duo Sajid-Wajid, breathed his last at a Mumbai hospital after suffering from a cardiac arrest and kidney ailments. Everyone is still trying to come to the terms of the 42-year-old music composer’s untimely death.

Singer Sonu nigam, who has worked with Sajid-Wajid in several films, opened up about his friendship with Wajid and how he never got his due in the industry.

Reminiscing about Wajid and his legendary work, Sonu told Mid-Day, “Wajid was immensely talented. Even when they (Sajid-Wajid) made a mastiwala song like ‘Hud Hud Dabangg’, it was classy. They did legendary work in such a short time. I would say he didn’t get his due. Wajid was a sensitive soul who will be missed. Of the songs we worked on, ‘Tumko Na Bhool Payenge’ was my favourite. I will always remember him by that song.”

Sharing about how close he is to Wajid’s family, the singer shared, “We were like Brothers. I would always visit their home during Ramzan. His mother would say, ‘Sonu aa raha hai? Let me make haleem.’ He was a foodie and would often send me home-cooked khichda. Not many know his [then to-be] wife and he had abruptly called off their wedding, days before the celebration. I played mediator between them.”

Recalling about the music composer’s deteriorating health, the singer further said, “In the last few months, his condition worsened. I was in touch with him when he was in the hospital. It was heartbreaking to see that a person who loved music couldn’t even speak as a tube was put down [his windpipe]. So, we used to chat over WhatsApp. I texted him on Eid, but he did not reply. Then his wife informed me that he had contracted Covid-19. In five days, he was gone…”

Sonu even shared a heartfelt video tribute wherein he spoke about Wajid’s last days in the hospital and how his family is coping with his death now. The singer even confirmed that Wajid’s mother has also tested positive for Coronavirus.

Sonu and Wajid, who knew each other from their struggling days, were like family to one another. They have seen each other’s journey closely over the years and Sonu spoke highly of Wajid’s professional career and his works. The immensely talented composer-singer left for the heavenly abode on June 1.

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