Sushant Singh Rajput’s former manager Disha Salian’s phone remained active even after her death

Image Source - Instagram

Sushant Singh Rajput‘s death case is now investigated by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI). There have been many reports that Disha Salian and Sushant knew each and both the deaths are related to each other. As per a report in Zee News, Disha’s phone had remained active even after her death.

As per the publication, sources close to developments in Disha Salian’s death have claimed that her phone remained active for more than a week even after her death. The sources said that internet calls were also done from Disha’s phone between June 9 and June 17. But, it is not found who used her phone.

When Zee News accessed Disha’s call log, it found that on June 6, three calls were placed from her phone and on June 7, two separate calls were placed, at around 12:02 am and 12:57 am. On the same day, Disha had made at least 36 calls, that also includes a call to her friend Ekta, at around 12:10. Her phone was not confiscated by the police officials.

A few days back, the Whatsapp chats between Sushant and Disha were revealed that proved that they were in touch as Disha discussed brand endorsements with Sushant and it was just two months before Sushant and Disha’s deaths.

Mumbai Police claimed that Disha had committed suicide by jumping off a building on June 8. Sushant hanged himself at his Bandra residence on June 14. Disha was Sushant’s manager for a brief amount of time.

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