Tanishaa Mukerji on comparisons: Everybody expected me to look and act like Kajol and beat her

Image Source - Instagram

Tanishaa Mukerjee returns to the screen with her short film, Life Is Short. The actress, despite being from a film background, struggled with work in the industry. She is the daughter of renowned actress Tanusha and sister of Kajol, a phenomenal actress herself. In a recent interview, Tanishaa opened up on the comparisons being made with her sister Kajol and how it affected her in the beginning. She confessed that people would compare her with her elder sister Kajol but she has now got accustomed to it.

In an interview with ETimes, Tanishaa said that everyone wanted her to look, act like Kajol, and beat her. However, she maintained that she couldn’t be Kajol in any sense. “There have been points in life at the beginning of my career when everybody looked at me and expected me to look like Kajol, act like Kajol, and beat Kajol. I was like, ‘I can’t be her. She’s got green eyes, much taller than me, curly hair and she’s nothing like me.’”

Tanishaa acknowledged that maybe Even Kajol had to face that when she entered when she was compared with their mother Tanuja. Tanishaa mentioned that despite all this her mother Tanuja has always mentioned that they need to shine and be themselves. The actress mentioned that no two people can be alike and it is redundant to expect them to be alike. People have their own individualities and that the moment a person starts cherishing themselves, the comparisons won’t affect them.

Tanishaa had recently even revealed that she has frozen her eggs and also reiterated that she doesn’t need a man to validate her.

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