Throwback! This picture of Arpita Khan monkey-riding Salman Khan is too cute for words

We’ve adored a young Salman Khan from his debut movie ‘Maine Pyar Kiya’ (1989) and now we have come across a picture shared by his sister Arpita Khan Sharma. It’s a throwback picture of a young Salman Khan playing with little sister Arpita and look who’s captured in the background? A geeky Sohail Khan! (Also Read: Arpita Khan upset with brother Salman Khan, husband Aayush Sharma to be blamed?)

Those days, phone cameras were not in use for pictures so we are sure Arpita must have found this picture in an old album. She seems to be around 5-6 years at the time and she is seen playing around with bade bhaiyya Salman, while a geeky Sohail looks elsewhere in the background.

Arpita took to her Instagram to share this picture which is too cute:

We know for a fact that the siblings share a strong bond and Salman Khan dotes heavily on sister Arpita. In fact, on the first birthday of her Baby Ahil, the actor gifted her BMW 7 series.