Twinkle Khanna’s tip to handle naughty kids will make you go ROFL

Image Source - Instagram

Twinkle Khanna always has something interesting to share with her fans and followers. The former actress just revealed her best trick to tame naughty kids. She took to her social media profile to share her personal experience of how she scared pesky kids with her fake eyelashes and lens.

Sharing a gorgeous image of herself, Twinkle took to her Instagram handle and wrote, “A middle-aged model’s stellar tip-Return from a shoot to find 3 small kids lolling on your bed-Threaten to rip out your eyeballs first and then theirs-Remove your lenses and fake eyelashes, place onto their palms and watch them scream and run #AscreamADayKeepsPeskyKidsAtBay”

You can check her post below:

While fans praised her picture and said that she looked immensely beautiful. Some even compared her to Princess Diana. But the actress’ caption sparked more hilarious threat pranks that the users were sharing in the comments section.

One user shared a joke, “The Statue of Liberty is no longer saying, ‘Give me your poor, your tired, your huddled masses.’ She’s got a baseball bat and yelling, ‘You want a piece of me?’”.Another user wrote, “I can well imagine what kind of relationship you have with kids @twinklerkhanna, these pranks will be remembered by them for lifetime”.

“Twinkle you are my kinda parent!!!! I love horsing around and prancing the kids too! On Halloween last year I found a YouTube tutorial that showed me how to use makeup, toilet paper and regular household glue to fake a knife cut. Of course, I HAD to try it out. So I pulled up to the kids’ school to pick them up in complete witch costume and made up with a slash right around my neck! The screams and giggles and oohs that followed were priceless! Plus I think, they respect me just a tad bit more 😉(sic),” shared another user.

Now, these are some really interesting tips to handle naughty kids. Don’t you guys agree?

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