Riteish Deshmukh: Unfair to say actors didn’t vote because of IIFA

Actor Ritesh Deshmukh, who attended the second day of ongoing IIFA 2014 here Thursday, says he has already voted on April 17 in his hometown Latur before coming for this event but it is unfair to say other actors did not vote because of IIFA.

“I am here for two days. My date of voting was April 17. IIFA was committed to be held in Tampa Bay much before the voting dates were announced. There are lot of financial and other commitments like hosting, performing and etc. 

“It is difficult to say that they (the actors) did not vote because of IIFA. What if they don’t be here, then they (IIFA) will suffer financial losses and everyone will say they have not come here. It is unfortunate and I don’t think they don’t want to vote. They are here because of certain commitments much before the dates were announced,” Ritesh told reporters during the green carpet of IIFA 2014.

IIFA 2014, which started here April 23, will go on till April 26.

Inputs by IANS