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Vidya Balan speaks about Pahlaj Nihalani’s statement on child abuse in ‘Kahaani 2’

kahaani 2: Durga Rani Singh’ is not getting a great response at the box office, but people who have seen the film, are praising the way it tackles the issue of child abuse. Recently, while talking about granting the film a U/A certificate, CBFC chief, Pahlaj Nihalani had said, “A strong film like this makes a mature and reasonable statement on women empowerment and child abuse in a responsible way.”

When an Entertainment portal asked Vidya what she has to say about Nihalani’s statement, the actress said, “I think to anyone who says it’s handled maturely, sensitively, sensibly and smartly – those are the kind of reactions we are getting – I’m saying that’s Sujoy Ghosh for you. Firstly, he had the courage to write a script like this, to go with his conviction and make this film, despite the fact he could have taken the story of Vidya Bagchi forward in ‘Kahaani 2’.”

“But, he decided to tell this story because he felt there’s a need to tell this story and the way he has dealt with it without showing anything and yet getting in the dignity and with its integrity intact. I’m saying integrity because it has a very fine balance. Families are going to watch the film an even though it’s difficult to digest, I think they’re not feeling awkward watching it because it’s not graphic. It’s depressing for some and thought-provoking for others. I think full marks go to Sujoy Ghosh,” the actress added.

We hope that the film gets more footfalls in theatres and that the collection improves.


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