Want to lose weight but don’t want to diet? Sonakshi Sinha is on the same boat with you!

Sonakshi Sinha in her ‘Noor’ avatar is so much relatable! One moment, she hogs on food. The next moment, she is cribbing about being overweight. Kind of cute, no?

The makers of ‘Noor’ have indeed adopted an interesting promotional strategy for the film. Through short videos, they have been highlighting Noor’s unique characteristics. The latest one is where she talks about her ‘weight issues’.

“When someone asks you your weight in public!!!,” Sonakshi writes, as she makes a hilarious face!

‘Noor’ has her playing a journalist who quite feels her life is miserable. A much-wanted love life that does not exist and all the unwanted pounds that exist are getting on her nerves. The trailer is hilarious, to say the least. But it also hints at a serious turn of the story.

Also starring Kanan Gill, ‘Noor’ is releasing on April 21.