WATCH: Fawad Khan’s latest video is a sight for the sore eyes

Image Source - Instagram (@lo11yw00d)

One of the hottest lad from Pakistan, Fawad Khan might not be a part of Bollywood anymore. But hey, that has not at all stopped us from eyeing on the star. From looking around to catch a glimpse of the actor on social media to checking out his old snaps, we literally can’t get over the hero and how.

So recently we stumbled upon a video and a snap of Fawad Khan on a fanpage where we see him at a friend’s wedding, and oh-boy the picture will make your morning blissful, we promise. In a black pathani, looking sexy as always, Fawad is like a sight for the sore eyes.

Have a look at the video and picture below:

Beautiful picture?❤ #ferozkhan #fawadkhan #mehndi #chill #Pakistan #Lollywood

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In the picture, Fawad is seen with his wife Sadaf posing with the married couple. Also, the wedding was of Pakistani actor Feroze Khan. We really do not know when will we see hottie Fawad in Bollywood back. But till then our desperate soul will surely keep digging social media for more updates about this alluring star.

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