When Shahrukh Khan Walked 800 Steps With Deepika Padukone In His Arms

“It starts as a comic scene. We had 100 steps that we might have done, we shot, whatever, and we had to finish it, we only had that many hours to work, Rohit had put 4-5 cameras, shot it with ease. But the essence of the scene was very important. It starts as a funny, comic scene. ‘Where is the temple? Where is it? Where IS the temple?’ And then, you know, along the way, when it turns into one of the most romantic scenes I think I have done, I also didn’t realize really. And the way Deepika is looking at me and then it turns into the ‘Titli‘ song. I think that was also the most beautiful part of the Temple scene.

“Initially when Rohit was narrating it to me, it seemed like a comic scene. And there were other people who were pushing me on and then on the sets he changed it. And I didn’t know why he had changed it, but I think he had it very clear in his head that slowly the scene would start like a comic scene and become very romantic. I’ve done a lot of good romantic scenes, but this is one of the finest for me. Very good.”