Who gifted Ranveer Singh ‘Chaddis’ ?

The cast and the crew of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Ram Leela were celebrating the wrap up party of the movie and the hero of the movie Ranveer Singh was given a special gift – Chaddis, by the crew of his movie Ram Leela on the last day of the shoot.

As per sources, After shooting for 12 hours there was an imprompto party held in Film City on the sets of Ram Leela. Priyanka Chopra who has done an item song for the movie was also present. A huge cake was cut and then the unit gifted Ranveer Singh a pack of floral Boxers. He has worn one such for a scene in the movie.
Well what could be the reason behind Ranveer being gifted Floral Chaddis?