Salman Khan sad

Actor Salman Khan’s Dabangg2 trailer and songs become instant blockbuster and were trending on twitter for a while, but Dabangg Khan was spotted in sad mood while shooting for his movie.

Sources reveals that,During the shoot Salman who is play Chulbul Pandey role was little bit upset with the absence of close friend Mahesh Manjerekar who played Sonakshi’s dad role in Dabangg first part.

“Salman really misses the presence of the Dimple Kapadia and Mahesh Manjrekar on the sets of the film, as well as in the movie. He is really fond of the two actors and had a gala time shooting with them during Dabangg (2010),”Adds Sources.


Interestingly,Salman Khan feels Mahesh Manjrekar is his lucky charm. From Wanted he always wanted Mahesh in his movies that is why he casted Mahesh in Ready and Bodyguard.

Since both Mahesh Manjeraker and Dimple’s characters were an integral part of the film and since their parts ended Salman sorely missed their company while shooting the sequel. He really wished that somehow, the two could’ve been part of the film.Since the absence both the stars has made Salman in sad mood.