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This October, the Yas Island team welcomed my mother and me for a wonderful FAM Trip. While we were joined by a few other media professionals and a bunch of enthusiastic winners of a Make My Trip campaign, we could have never anticipated the amount of fun we actually had during our 3-day stay at Yas Island.


Yas Island, nestled in UAE has the best of both worlds – from modern infrastructure and thrilling adventure parks to a beautiful beachside that is perfect for a late-night date with your family or your partner. After reaching the destination, we were taken to our hotel (wait for it!) The Warner Bros Hotel where everything was dramatic and took us back on a nostalgia trip down the 90s lanes of cartoons. From Tom and Jerry to Looney Toons, we had everything by our side. We were quickly given our allotted rooms and with that, the entry passes to the Warner Bros Adventure Park that was right next door. Day 1 was all about enjoying the mystic and lovely ambience amid all our favourite WB cartoon characters. Not just that, you also had Batman and Superman joining you right through. We tried the high-octane rides and me, being an adventure freak, turned out to be the only one to sit on the rather scary Scare Crow ride. While Yas Island Ambassador Ranveer Singh joined a few other media professionals and me for the ride later in the evening, I can proudly say I was the only one attempting it before everyone else could. Later that evening, we were invited for a gala dinner with the hosts and of course, Ranveer. From entertaining the audience and dancing with them to speaking about his association with Yas Island, it was a star-studded affair.

Second day was all about getting wet and wild. Yes, we were invited to the Yas Island Waterworld theme park where we chilled, bathed and enjoyed some really cool roller coaster rides and slides. I even went diving to fetch a pearl for my lovely mother. Overall, it was a beautiful experience. Later that evening, my mom and I went in for an experience to die for – the indoor sky diving at Clymb, Abu Dhabi. Despite having a phobia of heights, flying is something I’ve always desired to try. And my mother and I took up the challenge and we tried indoor sky diving at Clymb and trust me, that will be the most unforgettable experience of a lifetime. Do try it!


But it was the third day that made the most impact. We finally went to Ferrari World, one of the biggest adventure theme parks ever. Once you are there, you can’t go back without trying the fastest Roller coaster ride that drives you at 240km/hr and brings you back in less than a minute! Well, you may have to wait a bit and stand in the cue but believe me, it’s worth the experience. We would have come back for a second round had we had more time. But I always believe in exploring and trying everything new. So I was the only one who went in for the other roller coaster too. Ferrari World not only has the fastest Roller coaster but also the longest one, as well. And it’s a gigantic miss if you don’t get on the other one, too! It was super adrenaline-pumping and gives you the ultimate rush – one that I took back with me. Later that evening, we were again invited for a special gala by the Yas Bay where people let their guards down, danced, enjoyed, had dinner and raised a toast to the super fun trip we all had.

Yes, I loved every bit of it, especially Clymb. Yes, we met some amazing people from the team and otherwise at Yas Island. Yes, there were people who said some kind words to me about my work and that being said in front of my mother, made me feel rather validated. Yes, I made some beautiful friends on the trip and some amazing memories that I got back home. And you should, too! If you are planning a nice cosy trip and you love new things, Yas Island is the place you need to be at!


In fact, I had visited Yas Island earlier this year for IIFA and I have been told that Yas Island Welcomes Back the 23rd Edition of IIFA Awards with Special Packages. Plus, you have Ranveer Singh all set to perform for an award’s event at Yas Island in 2023. Not just that, we have also heard of a unique fan zone being launched in Yas Island and screening experiences as well as a series of concerts for football enthusiasts to watch and celebrate the international football event in Qatar. Along with that, Yas Islan is also home to the FORMULA 1 ETIHAD AIRWAYS ABU DHABI GRAND PRIX and has already announced various different offerings.