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Last year, the wave of #MeToo movement hit Indian shores and soon it shook up the whole nation. Names of some of the most prominent and eminent personalities made its way to the alleged offenders’ list. Soon after that, several celebs came forward and expressed their disbelief and shock over the allegations made. Some of them even spoke about how things are changing for good post the #MeToo movement.


One of these celebs was none other than filmmaker Karan Johar who said that a huge “Sense of Accountability” has set in. Recently, Indian cricketers Hardik Pandya and KL Rahul appeared on Karan’s popular chat show ‘Koffee With Karan’ and what happened next is no secret.

For the uninitiated, the two cricketers made some sexist, misogynist and crass comments on the show. Their comments and jokes were made in bad taste and it irked everyone so much that it caused outrage. Despite Hardik Pandya’s apology, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) suspended them. Later, their episode was even pulled down from the streaming platform after it received flak.

Now, everyone is blaming those two cricketers. We wonder why Karan Johar is not being held answerable for those sexist questions being asked on his show? Hardik and Rahul said that they got ‘carried away’ by the format of the show. But why did Karan asked those sexist question and giggled like a school girl at their cringe-worthy answers?

We do agree that being an entertainment industry, it is important to grab eyeballs. But is it necessary to do that at the cost of bragging about one’s sex life? Going by their (Hardik and Rahul’s) statements on the show, it simply implies that for men like them, women are just an object of desire.

I want to simply ask Mr. Johar where was his “Sense of Accountability” when those sexist questions were framed or those misogynist comments by his guests were made. Karan, or at least the channel, could have simply edited out those portions before airing them on national television?

Hardik and Rahul made mistakes no doubt, but isn’t Karan Johar (and the channel head) equally responsible for making such filth reach people’s guestroom? Why are they mum about the whole issue? When are they going to apologize?

It’s high time that we start calling out these hypocrites, who speak a lot about women empowerment but on the other hand, they don’t even battle an eyelid before making crude jokes on women. In fact, they try to pass it off under the garb of entertainment!

Karan, you simply cannot run away from the responsibilities you have as a filmmaker and a celeb just by using the tagline ‘Stop Making Sense’ for your show (no matter what its format is).

Lack of sensitisation to women’s issues is one of the greatest problems our country is facing right now. So I am wondering what’s stopping Karan from understanding the gravity of the situation? If a person like him is going to make a mockery of sensitive topics then what do you expect from people like Hardik Pandya?

We hope that Karan wakes up from his slumber and smells the coffee before it’s too late.

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