Did you know even Aamir Khan had rejected ‘Lagaan’ initially?

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Whenever Mr. Perfectionist Aamir Khan takes up a project, the film goes on to become a blockbuster and create several records at the box-office. Aamir’s sports drama, ‘Lagaan’ helmed by Ashutosh Gowariker is also one of his most popular films. The film that released in 2001, won several awards and even became the third Indian film to be nominated for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film.

Yesterday, at the fifth Indian Screenwriters Conference, much to everyone’s surprise, Aamir revealed that when ‘Lagaan’ was offered to him he had initially rejected it. Reminiscing about his decision, Aamir said at the event, “When I heard ‘Lagaan’, in five minutes of its narration, I rejected it. I was like it is a story of people who are not able to pay ‘Lagaan’ as there are no rains and they play cricket with British people! I was like ‘What a bizarre thought is this? I told Ashutosh, ‘This is a strange story. I told him to get me a different story.”

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The actor went on to say that when Ashutosh approached him again for the same film, he was irritated. It was only when Ashutosh came up with a bound script that he fell in love with it. “I loved the final script of ‘Lagaan’ and found it unbelievable. I told him(Ashutosh), ‘It is a fantastic script and it does break the record of mainstream cinema. But I am scared to say yes. I can’t do it’,” the actor said.

Later on, Ashutosh offered the film to other actors who turned it down, but the filmmaker went to Aamir again to convince him to star in the film.  The actor further added, “I told Ashutosh to narrate the story to my parents. They heard it and were crying. They told me I should do it.” And that’s how Aamir came on board for this project.

We are so glad that Aamir took up this project or else we would have missed him play Bhuvan in this iconic film. Don’t you guys agree with us?

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