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Comedy King Kapil Sharma has been sending the country into laughter fits with his comic timing and his gang of comedians on ‘The Kapil Sharma Show‘ (TKSS). Many Bollywood A-listers have graced the sets of this show and they have made some really interesting as well as shocking revelations. A while back, veteran actress Aruna Irani had visited TKSS and she had left everyone dumbfounded with her shocking revelation.


A while back, yesteryear actresses Aruna Irani and Bindu appeared on ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’. Aruna had left everyone in shock when she recalled the time when she thought that she almost got raped. It started out with Kapil saying that actor Ranjeet and Prem Chopra were on the show a while ago and they shared that in the olden days whenever they went out to any place, people there, would hide their wives, daughters and sisters given their villainous image.

To which, Aruna Irani said once she thought that she was about to get raped. Irani recalled that when she was starting out in her career at 19 she was offered a film for which she had to travel to Hong Kong. The actress was asked to travel alone to Hong Kong and she was scared. During the shoot, she said that Pran Sahab (who was also a part of her film) and her schedule got over at the same time one day. At that time Pran Sahab had a very villainous image and she was petrified to be in his company.

When their shoot got over they had to travel back to India in a plane with a halt at Kolkata. When they stopped at Kolkata, they had to stay the night there. Post dinner when they were going back to the hotel room, Pran Sahab told Aruna to sleep nicely and lock her door and he also said that he’ll be sleeping in a room next to hers.

It was then when Aruna realised how wrong she was about him and she cried after he left.

Check out the actress recalling the whole incident below:

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