Boney Kapoor

Filmmaker Boney Kapoor and his wife and actress Sridevi’s gutted home is gradually being restored. But the couple wouldn’t be able to move back until next year.

“Though the renovation has started, it’s going to take longer than we thought. The damage on the second floor that Sri, my two daughters and I occupy, is much more extensive than we thought,” said Boney.

“It wasn’t so much the fire that broke out, but the water that was used to extinguish the fire that completely destroyed all the furniture, property and material on our floor.”


Apparently Sridevi has lost clothes and jewellery worth over Rs.25 crore in the fire-water devastation.

Renovation on the first floor is done.

“The first floor has been renovated. My mother has moved back into the floor. But the second floor will take time. We’ve shifted into our old home while the work is on in the bungalow.”

Boney had two brushes with near-catastrophe during the last one year. First, the family bungalow was gutted. Last month, he was in a road accident, which could have proved fatal.

Said Boney: “Some power has protected me and my family. There is so much good that’s happening. My wife’s comeback film ‘English Vinglish’ continues to resonate across the world.

“My son Arjun’s career is going great guns. I am lining up films to produce in the next two years. So it’s good. I suppose the fire and the road accident were God’s way of reminding me not to take my happiness for granted.”
Inputs by IANS