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Zaira Wasim, you could have quit Bollywood quietly without bringing in a religious angle

Zaira Wasim has created a storm of sorts in Bollywood since yesterday. The young actress opened up on social media about deciding to quit Bollywood, and she hinted that her working as an actress was somehow not aligning with her religious views and sentiments. Well Zaira, I’ve some news for you.

If you really wanted to quit Bollywood and not make any fuss about it, you would have done so quietly. Keeping religion aside, you could have just quietly moved away from Bollywood and done whatever you deemed perfect for yourself.

Zaira, you won’t be the first actor/actress to have quit Bollywood. Many actresses get married and move away to a different country or state. Many actors, who want to pursue other dreams, move away from the film industry and do what they want to do. Years later, reporters like us start searching for those ‘bhule-bisre’ actors and dig deep into getting to know where they are. And when we do, we find out that they are happily settled somewhere else, doing something that they wanted to do.

A point to note here for you Zaira is that they all don’t make any hullaballoo about it, and do it quietly. If you really wanted to quit Bollywood, and even if religion was your primary reason, you could have just gotten off the grid. You could have broken off your SIM card and gotten yourself a new number. You could have deleted all your social media accounts. Thereby, no one would have been able to contact you in any manner, and you could have gone away from films and had your peaceful life in solitude.

However, by putting it all out on social media, you have not only degraded the film industry, but you also have somewhat shown that you wanted to get the necessary eyeballs for these couple of days. With news channels playing your story day in and day out and newspaper columns being written about you every minute, we hope you attained what you had wanted to achieve.

Sadly, if your true intention was to move out of Bollywood, you could have also done so by not dragging in a religious angle to it. You just had to take a flight and be off. Get your priorities right, Zaira!

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