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Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao, who recently celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary, have announced divorce. They released an official statement and updated their fans and followers about the same. In a long joint statement, the couple said that they were planning their separation for some time. They said that they will continue to be ‘devoted parents’ to their son, Azad and they will raise him together.


Like a fairy tale, the two met on the sets of the 2001 film Lagaan. While Aamir was playing the lead role in the film, Kiran was the assistant director. The two became friends during Lagaan‘s shooting. Let’s take a look at the couple’s happier times.


Be it dressing up in hilarious costumes for a photo or playing board games at home, the couple loved to do fun things together and keep their inner kids alive.


Though Aamir has deactivated his Instagram handle now, he never shied away from expressing his feelings for his wife on social media. He often posted adorable photos with even more lovable notes. Once Aamir Khan had shared a photo of his wife and called her the cutest in the world. “The cutest in the world… mazi baiko,” the photo’s caption read.


When Kiran suffered a miscarriage and uterine complications, the couple decided to take the route of surrogacy. In 2011, the couple became one of the first celebrity partners to publicly declare that their child Azad was born through a surrogate.


Aamir Khan has always had Kiran Rao by his side during his birthday celebrations. They have happily posed for the media to take pictures.


The couple went to different places around the world and spent time quality time together amidst their busy life.


Though they have parted ways, Aamir and Kiran will co-parent their son Azad together.

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