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International Yoga Day: From BTS to TXT, how members use asanas in their regular exercise regime

Yoga today has become an international phenomenon. Every year on June 21, the world celebrates Yoga day where people gather in numbers to practice asanas which have today become a way of living for many. What makes yoga special is that it uses bodyweight to enhance and strengthen your muscles. It not only makes you fit physically but also aids in mental health. Not just in India, we have seen glimpses of Kpop stars and idols embracing yoga in their regular exercise regimes from time to time.

Global stars BTS including RM, Suga, J Hope, Jin, Jimin, Jungkook, V has been seen performing a few asanas for their warm-ups before choreography. While there is no one video to confirm it thoroughly, we have seen glimpses of V in one of the videos where he is seen sitting for meditation while RM and J-Hope have been seen doing suryanamaskar stretches, Jin to has been seen practising the boat asana while Suga and Jimin are seen doing the butterfly asana and stretches. Given the amount of flexibility required for BTS in their choreography, yoga does help in achieving those splits and body flexibility like a pro.

Next up is the 4th generation boy band Tomorrow X Together. The boys were seen performing yoga asanas in one of the episodes of their variety show ‘To Do’. It was hilarious to see the boy achieve those stretches which not only help strengthen your muscles but also enhance flexibility. The boys were even taught basic breathing techniques which help in mental health and improves body functionality.

South Korean girl group AOA (now disbanded) also mentioned taking yoga classes to maintain their weight and relieve stress.

Wanna One member Kang Daniel was also seen turning a yoga instructor for his fellow group members for an episode of “It’s Dangerous Beyond the Blankets.” He was seen teaching a new form of yoga called Beer Yoga.

Have you tried yoga as yet?

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