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The entertainment industry has lost a lot of talented artists whose losses are immensely felt even today. Since a couple of days, the nation has been going through a state of upheaval after the tragic demise of television star Sidharth Shukla on September 2. Shukla was merely 40 years old and his untimely death has left everyone in shock. The visuals of the late actor’s funeral yesterday has left his fans heartbroken and in tears indeed. Sidharth was seen in one of the biggest and most loved shows on television which was Balika Vadhu.

But there are two more actors from the show who left their fans in tears for their heavenly abode- Pratyusha Banerjee and Surekha Sikri. Pratyusha and Surekha were seen as Anandi and Kalyani Devi respectively and their characters were much loved by the fans. They had become household names after starring in Balika Vadhu and had garnered quite a fan base who dedicatedly watched the show.


Balika Vadhu actors whose demise left the nation in shock:

Pratyusha Banerjee

The whole nation was left shaken when the news of everyone’s beloved Anandi, Pratyusha Banerjee passing away got it. Pratyusha passed away on April 1, 2016, after she was found hanging in her Mumbai apartment. Her parents reportedly had filed an FIR against their daughter’s boyfriend Rahul Raj alleging that he had mentally and emotionally tortured the actress which pushed her to take this drastic step.

Surekha Sikri

Veteran actress Surekha Sikri became a household name as Dadisa as she played Kalyani Devi on Balika Vadhu. She was the stern and righteous lady who was feared by the housemates as they were unaware of her loving side. Unfortunately, Sikri passed away on July 16 this year after she suffered a cardiac arrest. Surekha was 75 years old and surrounded by her family in her last moments.

Sidharth Shukla

Lastly, the wound is still fresh for the family and fans as the nation is in mourning after the tragic demise of Sidharth Shukla. Sidharth was seen in Balika Vadhu as Shivraj “Shiv” Shekhar. He was Anandi’s second husband. Sidharth suffered from a cardiac arrest and he was just 40 years old. He was rushed to Cooper Hospital but the officials said that he had already passed away.

We extend our heartfelt condolences to the families of these late actors. May their soul rest in peace.

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