BTS, J Hope, Lee Jong Suk

BTS member J-Hope and actor Lee Jong Suk have made huge donations to support underprivileged children and help young people, as per an announcement made by The Green Umbrella Foundation. On December 31, the Foundation made an official announcement wherein they revealed that J-Hope has donated KRW 100 million to support underprivileged children in South Korea. The donations made by J-Hope will be used to cover medical expenses and provide heating for children struggling to seek basic amenities.

In a statement, J-Hope said that he was worried for children who will be struggling because of COVID and chilling winters, and hopes that with this donation, he will be able to ease their worries and provide them with some warmth. Apart from music, BTS members are best known for their philanthropist work. This is not the first time J-Hope has made donations. Earlier, too as COVID peaked, J-Hope along with other members had made donations to help those in need.


Meanwhile, Big Hit Music recently announced that BTS members will be launching their self-defined merch on the store stand. They have labelled the merch collection as ‘Artist-made collection by BTS.’

Not just J-Hope, actor Lee Jong Suk has also made a generous donation of KRW 100 million to support young people, as revealed by the Green Umbrella Children’s Foundation. The donation made by Lee Jong Suk will be used to help young people, who are preparing to leave childcare institutions at the age of 18 and live on their own, acquire certifications.

On the same, Lee Jong Suk shared that young people who are preparing for independence face great difficulties, especially in this prolonged Covid situation. With his donation, he hopes children living in childcare institutions will grow up healthy and enjoy many opportunities, without compromising on their careers.

The actor is currently working on his upcoming drama Big Mouth, which co-stars Girls’ Generation’s YoonA. ‘Big Mouth’ will premiere in 2022.

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