BTS releases ‘Butter Cooler Remix’ laced with freestyle dance and you can’t help but ‘get it, let it roll’

Image Source - Twitter

BTS surely knows how to get ARMY grooving and cheer them with their music. After the thunderous response to Butter and creating history with record-breaking numbers, the band released ‘Butter Cooler remix’ this morning (IST) instantly making your day. Looking radiant in head-to-toe bright ensembles, RM, Suga, Jin, Jimin, V, Jungkook, J-Hope will leave you enthralled with this ‘cooler’ remix which is laced with each member doing freestyle and how! The members dance to the beats adding their own goofy moves showcasing their cute camaraderie. The song too is peppy and doesn’t weigh down from the original.

Earlier in the week, the band made history again after Butter earned BTS its third No. debut on Billboard Hot 100 chart and fourth overall. Beginning of BTS Festa month, the members had been sharing some unseen pics and videos of their performances to warm up the fans for June 13 when BTS celebrate their 8th anniversary with fans. Before releasing the ‘Cooler remix,’ in an official statement, the band and the team thanked ARMY for their support and wrote, “Your support for ‘Butter’ has propelled the song to the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart. To express our sincerest appreciation for the interest and love you show for the music of BTS, we are releasing two new ‘Butter’ remix songs following the previous unveiling of ‘Butter (Hotter Remix)’ that combines the hit song with new musical genres.”

Describing the mood of the remixed song, the statement added, “‘Butter (Sweeter Remix)’ infuses R&B vibes to the original’s bouncy mood, and the guitar sounds of ‘Butter (Cooler Remix)’ will wash over you like a refreshing breeze. We hope each and every one of your day is filled with joy as you spend it with the delectably diverse musical flavors of ‘Butter’ remix songs.”

Apart from other records, Guinness World records confirmed on May 25 that BTS’ new single Butter set a new record for YouTube Premiere video with 3.9 million concurrent viewers at the time of its release. The song also became the first to get 10 million views in mere 13 minutes on YouTube.

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