TxT holds their first online concert; enchant MOAs with their powerful and energetic set list

Image Source - Instagram

Tomorrow X Together (TxT) held their first exclusive online concert today leaving the MOAs grinning from ear to ear. The concert was held for the global audience with a multi-view function. Txt members (SOOBIN, YEONJUN, BEOMGYU, TAEHYUN, and HUENINGKAI) made sure to put forward their best performance and leave everyone enchanted. With a set list of 22 songs, the boys enthralled MOAs with some really entertaining performances. Starting with Crown, the boys made sure to pique everyone’s interest taking us back to their debut era. Crown was followed by Blue Orangeade and Poppin’ Star and Our Summer which truly set the tempo high for MOAs who cheered on the members with their bombs!

The members performed Can’t We Just Leave The Monster Alive and 9 and three quarters (Run Away) before taking some rest. Sporting black T-shirts and jackets with pants, the members did not lose a beat while performing for MOAs. Before moving to their next song, they even spoke to MOAs expressing how happy and nervous they felt about the concert. They also showcase their funny side while interacting with each other about their excitement to be able to perform in front of them. They then returned with No Rules, 20 Cm + Fairy of Shampoo, Cat and Dog, Ice Cream, Angel or Devil taking their performance a notch higher with every song. With Magic they yet again reset the tempo followed by Blue Hour. MOAs couldn’t stop raving about the versatility displayed by the young boys in their first concert itself.

They continued with their set list with Nap of a Star + Magic Island and Can’t you see me, Puma, Eternally and Frost. The members then announced that they will be singing their last set starting with their latest release Ox1=Lovesong and Loser=Lover. They ended their concert on a positive note with Dear Sputnik, and waved an emotional goodbye by singing the song they dedicated to MOA, MOA Diary followed by their secret song Sweat. The boys worked really hard for the concert and their adlibs and voice variation in each song was impressive. Check out how MOAs reacted:

In their emotional speech for fans who have been supporting them, they mentioned that they “were not perfect today but they will keep growing and evolving.” Txt members also shared that they hope that their next concert can be in person where they can see MOAs and hear them cheer in person. Taehyun mentioned feeling emotional When the concert began and the members reiterated that they are grateful for all the support extended by MOAs.

TXT is the fourth-generation K-POP group whose popularity is growing by leaps and bounds every day. Their second studio album, The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE, ranked No.5 on the Billboard 200, establishing the boyband as a chart-topper and K-pop’s ‘It’ Band of 2021.

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