‘LoveYatri’ Movie Review: A predictable rom-com that is an average one time watch

Directed by: Abhiraj Minawala
Produced by: Salman Khan Films
Cast: Aayush Sharma, Warina Hussain
Duration: 2 hours 20 minutes
Bollywood Bubble Rating: 3/5

To be fair to ‘LoveYatri’, it does manage to deliver what it promises through the songs and the trailer. It’s a typical rom-com Bollywood movie where the hero has two sidekicks for comic relief among other clichés. The sets are larger than life, the acting is melodramatic and the script is as predictable as Mumbai heat in the month of June. Yet, it’s not a terrible movie. You can see that everyone involved in the project have tried their best to produce a massy entertainer and they do succeed in their attempt to an extent. In the screening attended by us, there were several scenes which had the audiences laughing.

The movie starts by establishing Susu or Sushrut (Aayush Sharma) as an unambitious young lad who is not that worried about his future. He likes teaching Garba to his kids, and in one scene with his father, he illustrates how Garba is similar to salsa and ballet (yes, we’re not kidding). His love interest, Michelle or Manisha (Warina Hussain) is a class topper in her B-school and is set to earn a hefty package (50,000 pounds) once she completes her education. In order to woo her, Aayush fakes an injury while playing garba (he makes it seem like it was Warina who hit him). Soon after, he becomes friends with her and they take a tour of Baroda.

After that, like a typical parent of a rich daughter who doesn’t want to have a poor son-in-law, Ronit Roy shows Aayush’s character his place. This talk elicits insecure behaviour from Aayush, and he starts to think Warina is trying to show off her wealth. In reality, she is just being herself. Their relationship goes downhill and Warina goes to London. Like a proper stalker, Aayush follows her there and by now, you must’ve realized how this movie is going to pan out.

We’d also like to put in a word for its climax. It ends with a foot-tapping song which is not usually the case in rom-coms. We are giving the film an star extra simply because we can’t get enough of the ‘Chogada Tara’ (which is the climax!) song.

Final word

You can watch it if you are interested and don’t already have a bias against Aayush for being Salman Khan’s brother-in-law. We think he’s tried his level best with sincerity and his honesty is apparent.

In case, the trailer and music didn’t excite you, you’ll hate the movie as well.

Watch the trailer here: