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‘Main Zaroor Aaunga’ Movie Review: Arbaaz Khan is the only saving grace in this botched up horror-thriller

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Directed By
Chandrakant Singh

Produced By
Mahendra Singh

Arbaaz khan, Aindrita Ray, Govind Namdeo, Vikas Verma, Vineet Sharma, Hemant Pandey

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What’s It About:
Yash Malhotra (Arbaaz Khan) is a renowned and successful businessman in Switzerland. One day, Yash Malhotra bumps into model Liza (Aindrita Ray) and falls in love at first sight and proposes her for marriage. They get married and live a blissful life. Everything goes well until the entry of Peter (Vikas Verma) in their lives. Peter is a photographer and a friend to Liza. Over the course of time, Liza grows close to Peter and things turn ugly. What follows is a web of lies and emotions. Will the trio come out successful at the end of the mayhem? Well, for that you’ll have to watch ‘Main Zaroor Aaunga’.

What’s Hot:
Arbaaz Khan is the only saving grace of this film. The man carries this film on his able shoulders. He tries his hard to put his heart and soul into each and every scene, but alas!

The songs are decent. The title track ‘Main Zaroor Aaunga’ in Mohammad Irrfan’s voice is something that is sure to stay on with you long after you leave the theatres.

The beautiful locales of Switzerland. Setting up a horror-thriller in such a small excluded township in the natural beauty of Switzerland was a masterstroke. It creates the effect to perfection.

What’s Not:
Well, everything else.

Talking of the acting, the expressions of everyone except Arbaaz Khan are pretty much dull. Even the chemistry between the pairs is totally lacking. At times, it makes you wonder what a fine actor like Arbaaz Khan is doing in a film like this.

The storyline is tried and tested in hundreds of movies before. It’s not something that you would be coming out and saying ‘Wow’. It’s pretty much like an old wine presented in a new bottle, that too with a torn-off sticker.

The direction by Chandrakant Singh drags on and on, and there are points in the movie where you would have to try too hard just to keep yourself awake. The film could have been cut short by pretty much the entire length and the world would have been a much happier place to live in.

The dialogues are cliché-ridden. You would have heard similar lines in not just other films, but even in your day-to-day lives. Pretty much kills the fun of watching a revenge sequence when you don’t have powerful and impactful dialogues.

We always talk about there being no physics in Rohit Shetty’s films. Well, in this one you will witness a Ghost getting impacted after facing gunshots. I am still wondering as to via what law of biology is this possible. I can simply end up laughing it off and don’t end up scratching my heading asking for a plausible explanation. Because there is none!

There is a blend of flashback and the present-day sequences, which at times will make you so confused that you will stop bothering as to where the film is heading towards. In the smooth flow of the story, there are numerous abrupt transitions, which at times lead to nowhere. Last, but not least, the climax is so predictable that you will be left wondering why did you burn a hole in your pocket to come up for this film.

Even if you’re a huge fan of Arbaaz Khan, watch it when it comes online. Don’t waste your money on this unworthy product. I am going with one star just for Arbaaz Khan’s miraculous efforts to make something out of this mess.

Considering there are just 8-10 shows in the whole city of Mumbai, you can imagine how few screens the movie has received. It will barely be visible to audiences. I am pretty sure the movie will not survive even through the weekend. Fingers crossed and praying for the producers of the movie.

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