Little Things 4 Review: Mithila and Dhruv redefine modern-day relationship in the bittersweet finale season

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Director: Ruchir Arun

Cast: Mithila Palkar and Dhruv Sehgal

Bollywood Bubble rating: 3.5 stars

Netflix returns with its finale season for the much-loved show Little Things which stars Mithila Palkar (Kavya) and Dhruv Sehgal (Dhruv). The show has enjoyed a terrific run in the last three seasons and the fans of the show finally get an endearing farewell to the epic Kavya and Dhruv’s love story. Little Things 4 continues with Kavya and Dhruv trying to find ways to be together, and survive this existential crisis of sorts. With long distance becoming a bone of contention in their relationship, Dhruv and Kavya are seen struggling to find ways to communicate well. The final season begins with them revisiting their last two years of long-distance and how it affected their relationship, in particular. Did the duo survive the chaotic after-effects of a long-distance? Well, that is what keeps the show interesting.

Dhruv returns from Finland after quitting his well-established job there to lead a team in Mumbai. On the other hand, Kavya is moving jobs to be able to stay close to Dhruv, in an attempt to bridge the long-distance between them. While Dhruv struggles with the professional aspect with a new team, new job, and adjusting to the new responsibilities whilst salvaging the personal crisis, Kavya struggles with insecurity, health hazards, and above all, the temporary uncertainty. Between all this and love, Kavya and Dhruv take us through their rollercoaster journey from Kerala to Mumbai, using a back and forth pattern. They revisit and acknowledge the differences and decide to work on them. They normalize relationships as being imperfect and a work in progress. While the previous three seasons were more of their struggles to be together in an attempt to balance personal with professional, the final season is bringing all of those elements together to gift fans a perfect farewell.

The premise continues with Kavya and Dhruv addressing some major relationship issues, from career taking a front seat to the growing gap due to lack of communication and the entire idea of modern-day relationships today. At a time when things have become so fast-paced, how does one survive a relationship? Kavya and Dhruv through several situations chronicle their journey of trying to find a middle ground through minor adjustments and lots of love on both sides. Their relationship is shown to be idealistic in many ways, where Kavya (Mithila) and Dhruv are true partners in crime, best friends who are also lovers, who won’t let the chaos in the relationship overpower their love. Sometimes though, this seems too good to be true. That, for me, is both the USP and the drawback of the series.


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Mithila as Kavya brings a natural vibe, as always. She has become second skin to Kavya and it is now difficult to tell them apart. The way she exudes vulnerability, determination, and insecurity in parts is commendable. Dhruv totally compliments her in each scene and is decent with his restraint portrayal. What makes Little Things unique is the way the makers have kept the tonality of the show very breezy and relatable even as Kavya and Dhruv discuss some really serious subjects which could possibly be a deal-breaker in many relationships.

The music is kept pretty upbeat which blends well with the millennial vibe. The screenplay moves back and forth which initially was a little confusing but later you warm up to it. I found the series a bit slow in the beginning but it picked up the pace by the third episode. Mithila and Dhruv bring a sense of normalcy and groundedness to Kavya and Dhruv and that is exactly what makes their Jodi feel real onscreen. Their USP is that they are raw and real.

Watch the show if you are someone who has been wanting to see where Kavya and Dhruv’s love story moves from there. Must tell you the climax is super cute and you don’t want to miss it!

Little Things 4 is premiering on Netflix.

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