777 Charlie Review: Rakshit Shetty starrer strikes an emotional chord even if you’re not an animal lover

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Film: 777 Charlie

Director: Kiranraj K

Cast: Rakshit Shetty, Sangeetha Sringeri, Raj B Shetty, Bobby Simha

Bollywood Bubble ratings: 3/5 stars





777 Charlie Movie Review:

Have you had a pet who not only understands your language but your emotions too? Or have you seen movies like Hachi: A Dog’s Tale or Marley and Me? Okay, let’s talk about our Bollywood movies like Rajesh Khanna starrer Haathi Mere Saathi, Jackie Shroff starrer Teri Meherbaaniyan, Jaya Prada and Jeetendra starrer Maa. These movies have shown the undying love of the animal towards its owner. It only tells us that there’s a special bond between a human being with an animal that is unimaginable and unexplained. 

The bond between them is so beautiful and heart touching that you do feel compassion towards the animal and that’s what Rakshit Shetty starrer 777 Charlie tells us. The movie narrates the sweet yet emotional story of Dharma and his bond or camaraderie with his furry friend Charlie. It strikes all the right chords even if you’re not an animal lover but if you’re an animal lover, please sit with a box of tissues, there might be a pool of water.

777 Charlie starring Rakshit Shetty is a happy film but has all the potential to make you so emotional or might even motivate you to bring an animal into your house. Even though the movie can be a tear-jerker, it is the pace of the film is a little tiresome. It needs to be a little cohesive because the second half looks a bit of a drag.


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An emotionally detached man named Dharma whose life only revolved around home, factory, fights, idli, cigarette and beer. He is an average man who has no family, no emotional attachment with the people he works with, or even in the neighbourhood. but leads a silent life. Enters Charlie, the furry stray friend who is vivacious, lively and free-spirited. She changes Dharma and melts his heart by showering him with love and affection. She adds meaning to his dull and sad life, making him smile.

Star performances:

Rakshit Shetty as Dharma lives his life on his own terms. He has nothing to do with the world or the people around him. Rakshit, as an emotionally detached man, does a fab job. His transition from being a stone-hearted man to being sympathetic is quite commendable, his character doesn’t go off track. Rakshit makes you believe in his sadness as well as his happiness.

Charlie: The dog who played Charlie in the film is a delight. She is adorable and a charmer. Since the film is based on her, we had to give a special mention because she moved us with her act. Be it her cuteness or her liveliness, Charlie is a star.

Sangeetha Sringeri as Devika essays the role of a member of an animal welfare organiser. She is introduced in the later bit of the first half but has more to offer in the second part. She is cute and feisty. Sangeetha will surely hold your attention.

Raj B. Shetty as Dr Ashwin plays the role of a Veterinarian who brings out the comedy element to the story. His comic timings and facial expressions are bang on as he will surely make you tickle your funny bone.


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Direction/ Screenplay:

Since the film explores the bond between a pet and its owner, the screen time could have been scaled down, making the edit a bit tighter and crisp. The film is written and directed by Kiranraj K who narrates the life of Charlie with utmost emotions but is nicely weaved with situational humour. The best part about the film is that Kiranraj keeps the theme of the film quite raw and unfiltered. He beautifully captures the life of a stray dog right from people shooing them away, the struggle in rain to wandering in the streets. He manages to express those small yet important notes of a dog. What’s even more amusing is to see Kiranraj actually expressing the bond between two living beings. There’s a scene where Dharma is smoking and Charlie just gives a concerning look to him. Dharma immediately understands that and drops the cigarette while giving a slight nudge to Charlie to come to him. She understood his signal and directly jumps onto his lap. The scene is a sure shot winner. Apart from that, he also tries to convey an important message on animal cruelty and exploitation which makes the movie quite endearing.


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Hit or miss: 

777 Charlie is surely an emotional film but in the second half, it gets a little overstretched which can even make you lose interest. The runtime could have been cut down a bit more. Nevertheless, the film does not offer anything new except the tragic twist in the plot. It shows nothing new that other filmmakers have not explored before. However, the film will surely hit all the right chords among all the pet owners which are quite relatable for them. The USP of 777 Charlie is the adorable dog and its bond with the owner.


Overall, 777 Charlie is a tear-jerker that will make you sit with a tissue box but will hit all the right chords if you are an animal lover. The slice of life film is heavy on emotions which is beautifully backed with love and humour.  

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